The Resin Witch Demo

by delph

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released May 16, 2017



all rights reserved


delph Maine

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Track Name: Resin Witch
Shwagwood consumed by stale fog
Could it be them who shroud her?
Stricken with labor pains the maiden wakes
Surrounded by stem sisters

Shwagwood lifted of its veil
Wolves have beset
Stricken with labor pains the maiden faints
Abandoned by her sisters

Virgin Birth, enwombed in smoke
Holy one, to all whom toke
Eyes still shut, babe never named
Martyr of, a mother's pain

The council fears she is the one
Who would end their reign
Flower is ripped from its stem before its bloom
His cherry light runs black
Exiled to the mersh marsh
Resin yields her sanity
Inscrapable hate
Cursing all who partake with black tar hymns
Clogging all that ripped